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August 12, 2021

This memo is for clarification purposes for players who are going to Junior A or WHL camps and should be read in conjunction with the August 2021 Evaluation Timelines and Processes memo on the website in the Registration tab.

We on the NWCAA Board want every player to reach for the best team possible and have the best experiences possible while playing quadrant hockey for the NWCAA.  But to make the best team possible, players need to evaluate for that team and not be away from tryouts when realistically they will be playing for the NWCAA.  We believe we have done a good job in the NWCAA as we have many players invited to Junior A and WHL camps which is great.

This memo is for further clarification as we thought the August 2021 Evaluation Timelines and Processes memo was clear.  Where we have found it is not clear is that after playing in at least two of the first three tryouts (August 29, 30, 31) which is mandatory, there could be a series of outcomes.

Here is the list the possible outcomes.

After skating in at least two of the three first skates (you can only miss one skate if you are at a Junior A or WHL camp – not because you believe you have skated well enough) there are three possible outcomes.

  • The U18 AAA coach did not see enough from the player to put them in the top 40 skate (the Red and White game). This player can go to Junior camp but is now evaluating for the two U18 AA teams.  The player should be in touch with the U18 AA coach that selected him in the draft (if drafted) to determine when the player should be home.  If not drafted, then the player must return to the community association they belong.
  • The U18 AAA coach saw enough to put them in the Red and White game but still needs to see more at the Red and White game to take them to the U18 AAA main camp (the coach will inform these players of this situation). These players have a serious decision to make as they can go to Junior camps or stay behind and evaluate for the U18 AAA team.  The risk here is the coach may pick other players for the U18 AAA main camp or pick the player as the coach is uncertain who to pick at this time and the Red and White game may be the deciding game.
  • The U18 AAA coach has seen enough from the player in the first three skates to take them through to the U18 AAA main camp. The player does not need to be at the Red and White game although we encourage them to be there and they will be listed as a player in this game.  These players are free to go to Junior camps but should be in touch with the U18 AAA coach on what date he needs them back by.

The more evaluations a player makes the better the chances of making the highest team possible as the coaches can see more of the player.

All quadrants need to be down to 63 U 18 players by September 20th and so there will be a number of releases by this date.

The traveller game is for players (16- and 17-year-olds) who made the Red and White game but have been released from our U18 AAA team.  It is a last chance for these players to show their abilities to the other three quadrants.  The date of this game is September 21.

Any U16 players invited to the U18 AAA camp will be invited based on their U16 evaluations and will not be invited to the Red and White game.   These players should be in touch with the U18 AAA coach after they are invited to find out when they need to be back home from Junior camp if going.

These decisions are tough decisions, and a player needs to talk to their Junior teams coach on the probable outcome so they can make an informed decision.

Players injured prior to evaluations will not be evaluated as they cannot play and cannot be evaluated.  In rare circumstances a coach may pick an injured player (it is the coach’s decision) but is not likely. 

Returning players to the U18 AAA team can be exempt from these rules but are encouraged to skate as much as possible with the U18 AAA team during evaluations.





NWCAA Mission Statement

It is the desire of the NWCAA to further the sport of amateur hockey through the development and for the enjoyment of players. Our goal is to teach good sportsmanship, to help develop good character and to improve hockey skills.

We firmly believe that with our support, the young people who continue playing at the AA and AAA level invariably become well-rounded young adults ingrained with values we would like to see in today's youth...teamwork responsibility, work ethic, the will to succeed and the ability to enjoy their lives.